Not sure where to start? Here is everything you need to know about how to use Indystack.

With Indystack you can create, design, and host WordPress sites.

You can find all your personal information, including billing, invoices, and subscriptions under Profile.

Create a site

To create a new site, navigate to the Sites section. All your development (Unpublished) and live (Published) sites will be located there.

Click Create a new site. You will have 3 steps to complete the creation process.

In the General settings, specify your site's name and choose the subdomain. Indystack will instantly let you know if the subdomain is available.

If you want to add your own custom domain - you will be able to do that later.

Indystack general settings for site

Click Continue.

In the Themes & Plugins, you will see 3 tabs - Themes, Plugins, and Featured.

The featured section contains handpicked premium themes and plugins that you can add to your site.

In Themes and Plugins, you can search for themes and plugins available at, upload a custom zip, and connect GitHub repositories.

You can add individual themes and plugins to Indystack via GitHub. As you connect a GitHub repository, you can specify the branch you want to use. To deploy the latest changes from GitHub, go to the Manage site - Themes & Plugins - Update Site - a new build will be created with your changes included.

Theme and plugin adding in Indystack

Once you have your initial setup ready, click Continue.

In the last step, you need to confirm the building process and your site will be deployed.

Since Indystack is using Kubernetes, creating a configuration and image for automatic deployment is required. Your site will deploy in less than a minute (or more, if you have many themes and plugins added).

All sites created in Indystack will be Unpublished by default.

You can publish them later and host them for free while we are in Beta.

Managing your site

Once your site is ready, you can start working with it.

To log in to the WordPress admin panel, click on the Login button on the site card. It will automatically redirect you to the WordPress Admin dashboard.

Manage WordPress site in Indystack

Clicking on the link in the site card will open a preview. Only Indystack users can overview Unpublished sites. To share the site with someone without access, use the Share preview link in the site card menu.

To manage your site, click on the Manage button. Due to security reasons, the Indystack application dashboard is the single point of control when it comes to modifying the list of themes and plugins (these options are disabled in the WordPress admin).

In the Manage site section, you can modify your site, assign a domain, or transfer the site to your client.

Manage site section in Indystack

Assign custom domain

Navigate to Domain management, add your custom domain, and follow the instructions to point records.

After successful domain connections, Indystack will update your site with the help of automatic deployment.

Transfer site to a client

Indystack offers a one-click transfer process. As the site is ready to be published you can transfer the ownership of your site to the client. The client will handle all the billing while you will still have access to the site in order to make changes and provide maintenance services.

To transfer site, click on Transfer site and enter your clients' email. Your client will receive an invitation to claim ownership of the site. After successful registration and payment, the site will be published.


To Publish your site, click on the Publish button in the site card menu.

You will be redirected to the checkout page. It will cost you $0 to host your website on Indystack while we are in Beta testing. Credit card details are required to associate you legally with your site. We will never charge your credit card without informing you in advance with the 30-day prior notice.

Customer support

To open a support ticket, use the Support section. Our customer success team is there to help.

Disclaimer: This documentation is a work in progress and will be updated frequently with more detailed guides and tutorials.

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