Offer Description:
50% off plan #3 and #4

Offer Value:
50% off plan #3 and #4 - either subscribe to a new plan or upgrade to a higher plan

Offer Link/Coupon:
Automatically applied (see how to redeem section)

How to Redeem:
Subscribe to a plan within Nov 1 to Nov 30.
- There is a 2 week trial period that you can skip by clicking on 'Upgrade' inside the billing settings.
- If you are an existing user of Growmatik (either subscriber or trial), you can use this discount to upgrade your plan. You should contact our support for custom implementation of discount for you.
- This discount does not apply to LTD users (AppSumo and other types)
- This discount does not apply to anyone who has already a discount applied to their subscription.

Description of product
All-in-one marketing platform that unifies product, customer and marketing data and uses AI to serve tailored webpages, emails, pop-ups and more to every user.


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