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WPBakery Page Builder hosted on Indystack

WPBakery Page Builder + Cloud Hosting

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A next-generation WordPress cloud hosting + WPBakery Page Builder. Get an all-in-one solution for your next website project in less than a minute.

WPBakery Page Builder Hosted


Regular price $24.99/mo

Start with WordPress and WPBakery Page Builder. Get access to all the features.

What's included

  • WordPress-optimized Cloud hosting

  • WPBakery Page Builder included

  • High-performance setup

  • Free SSL and CDN included

  • Premium support
  • 30-days refund policy
  • Auto-healing technology
  • Redis object cache
  • Automatic core and security updates
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free white glove migration
  • Free * domain

WordPress hosting made easy

Easy setup and reliability make Indystack a perfect business partner for your next website.

Review of the WPBakery hosted
WordPress hosting setup wizard

An all-in-one solution

Get WPBakery Page Builder and WordPress out of the box. It's like Wix for WordPress.

Create and launch WordPress projects fast and easy

Fast setup and deploy 

With Indystack you can get your site up and running in less than a minute.

Easy to manage theme and plugin updates

Theme, plugins, and updates

All your themes and plugins are always up to date and managed by Indystack.

Connect GitHub to WordPress site

GitHub integration

Take advantage of the pro tools. Indystack allows you to connect your themes and plugins right from the GitHub.

Create and manage WordPress staging

High-performance infrastructure

We use the power of Kubernetes clusters on Digital Ocean to offer high-speed hosting solutions for SMBs.

Featured premium themes and plugins on Indystack

Uptime and security

Unlike traditional hosting, Indystack is built on an immutable infrastructure that guarantees maximum uptime and security.

Start with a perfect duo for your business

WPBakery Page Builder and Indystack give you a hassle-free way to develop WordPress sites. Unlike traditional hosting, you don't have to deal with configurations. We help you to go from an idea to a fully working site.

WordPress hosting with WPBakery Page Builder

Have questions?
We have you covered.

Get answers to all questions you may have about WPBakery Hosted and Indystack.

Do I get premium updates for WPBakery?

With the exclusive partnership between Indystack and WPBakery, you receive all premium features and future updates of WPBakery Page Builder.

Yes, all WPBakery updates are completely free of charge - you will pay for hosting only.

Can I install additional plugins and themes on Indystack?

Indystack allows you to install any themes and plugins from the official WordPress repository right from the Indystack dashboard, upload your theme or plugin zip files, and connect GitHub repositories for custom solutions.

We may restrict certain plugins on Indystack due to duplicated functionality or security matters.

What does pre-configured WordPress means?

To take the configuration hassle away, we offer a preconfigured WordPress installation optimized for speed and performance.

Do you offer a trial period?

We offer a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee in order for you to get familiar with our platform.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your WPBakery Hosted subscription on Indystack at any time under your Profile - Subscriptions. No special conditions applied.

Can I install WPBakery plugin on another host?

WPBakery Hosted is tailed specifically for the Indystack platform to receive automatic updates and ensure full compatibility. That said, WPBakery Page Builder comes as a part of the subscription that can not be moved. 

Do you offer migration from another hosting provider?

We offer "white glove" migration that implicates our engineering team to perform the migration process on your behalf and ensure that everything is properly functional thereafter.

If you are interested to move your site to the Indystack, contact our customer care team representatives (via chat) to discuss and schedule the migration process.

How Indystack is different from other hosting providers?

Indystack is the first WordPress hosting solution to offer a stateless environment built on Kubernetes. Our infrastructure ensures the high availability, speed, and security of every website hosted on Indystack.

The Indystack user interface is different from traditional WordPress hosting making site management process easy for beginners and professionals.

Are there any server limits?

We do not restrict server resources for your sites but apply a reasonable usage policy. For high-traffic websites, we will contact site owners personally to offer solutions that fit their business needs.

Do you support e-commerce sites (WooCommerce)?

Our current partnership program with WPBakery does not include e-commerce sites, but we are looking to expand our list of services in the future.

To stay aware of the new features and updates, join our official community on Facebook.

What type of server are you using to host WordPress?

We use Apache server to run WordPress environment and Nginx as a top layer. This combination ensures high performance of your WordPress sites running on Indystack.

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