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Welcome to our pricing page, where we offer affordable, reliable, and stress-free hosting solutions. We prioritize client ease amidst the challenge of selecting the ideal hosting provider. Our cost-effective and client-centered hosting comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and pro-rated refunds, ensuring investment security. We excel at tailoring hosting options to businesses of all sizes, whether you're a startup or an established online presence. Rest assured, our hosting plans have your needs covered.


$ 24.99

Monthly subscription

1 Live site
1 Development site
10 GB storage
20,000 monthly visits
Chat support
Malware Scanning/Removal
Daily Off-site backup
Free migration in 48h

Starter eCommerce

$ 29.99/mo

Monthly subscription

1 Live site
1 Development site
10 GB storage
20,000 monthly visits
Chat support
Malware Scanning/Removal
Daily Off-site backup
Free migration in 48h


Indystack offers custom-managed WordPress hosting plans for agencies with more than 10 live sites.

Our agency plans include a suite of premium features and services to help you manage your sites more efficiently and effectively.

Slack Support | Free Migrations | Discounted Rates

Additional 1,000 visits for $1/mo. Additional 1GB of space for $1.50/mo.

"Having partnered with Indystack for some time, we have consistently observed exceptional speed performance on our clients' websites. Our decision to transition to Indystack has undoubtedly proven to be a strategic and beneficial one."

Alexey Seryapin - Founder of WPServices.comAlexey Seryapin, Founder at

Indystack guarantee fast deploy

Build for free

We offer 30 days of free development time on any new project. This means that you can launch a WordPress site or migrate an existing site to our hosting without any obligation or payment.

To take advantage of this offer, simply open an account.

Indystack performance and fast speed hosting

Easy migrations

Have a site you want to test at Indystack? No problem! You can easily migrate a copy of your existing WordPress site to Indystack using the ManageWP plugin or reach out to our support and we'll be happy to help.

Each new account has 1 free migration available to be handled by our team!

Indystack security guarantee

Advanced security

Our included security system, built with Immunify, is constantly monitoring your site and is automatically scanned for malicious code. Our signature-based database, which is updated daily, contains millions of patterns of known malware, so we can quickly identify and remove any threats.

Indystack contributes to WordPress

Streamlined interface

Quick and easy setup:
Launch your WordPress site in less than 2 minutes.

Streamlined interface:
Our interface is clutter-free so you can focus on your website.

We use the best settings automatically so you don't have to waste time configuring.

Faster WordPress site and better SEO

A faster site means better SEO

In the thrilling race of the digital age, securing a top position on the search engine grid is the key to victory for any website. As managed WordPress hosting experts, we here at Indystack grasp the essential role that WordPress hosting plays in fueling your site's SEO acceleration.

This exhilarating guide will reveal the numerous benefits of managed WordPress hosting, accentuating its critical role in propelling your website to pole position in search engine results.

Indystack case studies about performance

LiteSpeed: Exceptional Website Performance

We prioritize exceptional website performance and user experiences with LiteSpeed web servers and a pre-configured LiteSpeed Caching plugin, eliminating the need for additional plugins. Our meticulous fine-tuning ensures peak performance without complexity.

Our results speak for themselves. Websites that have migrated to our hosting environment have seen a 59-point boost in performance scores, transforming user experiences.

We're more than just a hosting provider. We're a performance-driven partner that maximizes your website's potential. We deliver exceptional website performance and user experiences so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

With managed hosting, your hosting provider takes care of all the technical aspects related to your WordPress website. This includes automatic updates, security patches, backups, performance optimization, and more.

This allows you to focus on creating and managing your website content without the hassle of dealing with the underlying infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

All you may want to know about Indystack Managed WordPress hosting. Get your questions answered or contact our sales representatives via chat for a fast response.

Which hosting plans are available?

We offer single-site hosting subscriptions at $24.99/month per site. Each paid site also comes with an open slot to start developing your next site, free of charge. You can launch a new WordPress site in less than 2 minutes!

What do I need to launch my first site on Indystack?

Indystack provides WordPress Managed web hosting. To start working on your first WordPress site with us, all you need is to sign-up with a new account and launch a new site. That's it!

Each new account starts as a free development account that is good for 30 days. If you do not convert to a paid subscription within those 30 days, your site will be removed from our servers once it expires. Don't worry though, we'll be sure to send out some reminders before that happens.

Do I need to install a caching plugin?

No, Indystack is using LiteSpeed caching at the server level, and as such you do not need further caching at the application level.

Do I need security plugins?

You can use a security plugin for application-level security.

However, before the migration process starts you should disable any security plugins. You can re-enable them after the migration has been completed.

Indystack: Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

On Indystack you can build a website for free for a month, you are paying to publish it live or you will be automatically charged after a month. Experience an enterprise-grade infrastructure combined with the ease of use that fits everyone.

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