Performance gains and smooth migration: Digital Forensic Research Workshop Org


Website performance and reliability are paramount for businesses striving to deliver exceptional user experiences. However, many organizations face challenges with their hosting providers that can impede their online success. This case study highlights how Indystack’s Managed WordPress Hosting transformed Digital Forensic Research Workshop’s online presence by addressing their previous hosting challenges and elevating their website’s performance to new heights.

Client background

Digital Forensic Research Workshop (DFRWS) is a dynamic non-profit organization that fosters transdisciplinary approaches to address emerging challenges in digital forensics. DFRWS brings together innovative researchers, developers, and practitioners from around the globe to share research papers, practitioner presentations, and works in progress at their numerous conferences.

In the past, DFRWS had been grappling with several issues stemming from their previous hosting provider. These issues included slow performance, frequent downtime, and lack of support. As a result, DFRWS was looking for a new hosting provider that could better meet their needs.

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Challenges faced

The client’s main issues with their previous hosting provider were two-fold:

Page load time

Even the initial HTTP request took a considerable amount of time, often exceeding a second. While some of the performance bottlenecks could be optimized on their end, there were clear indications of underlying infrastructure problems in the client’s view. speed test results before migration (previous host)

Downtime woes

The 98% uptime boasted by their previous provider proved to be more a promise than a reality, especially since downtime often struck right before important events during increased traffic to their site. The reliability of their servers was questionable, and swift issue resolution was becoming a dire necessity.

A timely solution

The client was on a tight timeline to migrate their website following a major conference but before their next hosting renewal. With Indystack’s expertise, the migration was executed seamlessly and in line with the client’s original schedule. The successful migration marked a significant turning point in their hosting journey, ensuring minimal disruption to their online presence.

“People are loving how snappy the front page is!”
– Elizabeth Schweinsberg
Digital Services Expert with the US Digital Service commenting after her site went live on Indystack.

Smooth migration

Having encountered quirks in URL management during previous migrations with other providers, the DFRWS was initially apprehensive. However, Indystack delivered a flawless migration experience, avoiding any complications related to URL handling. The migration was executed without a hitch, and the client’s website was up and running on the Indystack platform without any disruption.

Support that makes a difference

Although minor issues related to access cropped up post-migration, Indystack’s dedicated support team swiftly addressed them, leaving DFRWS thoroughly satisfied. The timely and effective resolution of these hiccups showcased Indystack’s commitment to providing exceptional customer support and ensuring a seamless hosting experience.

Revolutionary performance

The transformation brought about by Indystack’s Managed WordPress Hosting was nothing short of remarkable. Initial performance tests conducted using painted a stark indyred. The client’s website, which previously scored a grade F with a mere 41% performance rating, underwent a complete overhaul. After migrating to Indystack’s platform, their website soared to a grade A result with an astonishing 100% performance score. results after migrating to Indystack

The impact on page load times was equally impressive. Previously languishing at just over 5 seconds on their former host, the full page loading time was slashed to just under 1 second after migrating to Indystack. This monumental improvement was a testament to Indystack’s commitment to performance optimization and providing a seamless digital experience.


Indystack’s Managed WordPress Hosting not only resolved the client’s pressing hosting issues but propelled their website’s performance to unprecedented heights. With the seamless migration, robust support, and remarkable performance improvements, the client’s online journey took a turn for the better. As the client’s story showcases, choosing the right hosting partner can make a world of difference in achieving online success.

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