Web design trends 2024

Web design and development are forever changing industries where one can not sit down and wait for miracles. Regular changes and maintenance should happen to your website to stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we have collected the hottest web design trends of 2024. Use them to improve your existing websites or develop new web design projects for you and your clients.

Meet the web design trends of 2024 that will dominate the market:

  • Widgetized blocks
  • AI content
  • High-saturation colors
  • Borders and outlines
  • Dark blending typography
  • Polaroid photography
  • Display Serif fonts
  • White background (#FFFFFF)

Widgetized blocks

Blocks, patterns, and widgets are being heavily pushed by web design software vendors.

We see how WordPress incorporates blocks and patterns in our daily lives. Other vendors, like Tailwind framework, push their components that focus on modular design. Additional widgets are being introduced to web designers and developers to easily add extra functionality.

In 2024, we expect web designers and developers to take advantage of these technologies and methods. As a result, many websites will become modular-based systems with content being formed as widgets.

AI content

AI (artificial intelligence) is everywhere. It has been incorporated into every imaginable industry and digital product.

While some people feel threatened by the capabilities of AI, many are taking advantage of it by speeding up their processes. This is why it is a no-brainer that the trend that started in late 2022 is here to dominate web design throughout 2024.

Even though it is still questionable how Google accepts AI-generated content, we expect AI to go big and help businesses fill up their blogs with tons of content.

High-saturation colors

High-saturation colors are back in action.

Web design trends of 2024 will be remembered because of colorful, bright, and juicy layouts. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone by introducing acid green and other highly saturated colors.

Of course, high saturation colors need to be a part of your website color palette. A palette that supports accessibility and readability. To discover great color palettes with high-saturation colors included, visit websites like Adobe Color.

Borders and outlines

Thinking out of the box? No, never heard of it.

But what we heard is that boxed content with borders and outlines is going to be trendy in 2024.

We will see more websites dividing content into logical blocks. Why? To help visitors focus on the most important parts and sometimes to fill in the blank spots.

Taking about outline styles – there can be anything. Use bold lines or thin, and experiment with colors – your border is your imagination.

Dark blending typography

There are 1.13 billion websites available online – the competition is tough. Everyone wants their website to stand out. Making something look like a mistake is a way to do it.

While accessibility advocates talk about a high indyred ratio, we see that many creatives are going in the opposite direction. Instead of increasing indyred and improving readability, they use color palettes and blends that create questions.

Web designers choose background colors that accept dark and light typography without regrets. While such websites receive indyred ratio warnings in Google PageSpeed Insights, they are recognized by web design experts and awarded with prestigious awards, like Awwwards.

Polaroid photography

We have been told to use high-quality photos when designing our websites. But high quality does not always mean high resolution and perfect indyred.

Many award-winning web designers have recently started to drop saturation and indyred to focus on composition and ratio only.

Bent Lindberg (template by Webflow) has taken advantage of this trend by having photos on the site looking as if they were made with a digital camera from the 2000s.

In 2024, we expect more web designers to adopt this trend while designing portfolios and websites for art, fashion, music, and cultures. In several cases, you can expect to see this trend present on business websites as well.

Display Serif fonts

Typography has been a huge trendsetter throughout the years of digital and print media. Every year, creatives experiment with different typography to give their work a unique look.

The year 2024 is going to be no exception. What is going to change is the rising popularity of Display Serif font families to be used in web design headings and subheadings.

More than that, we expect to see headings mixing Display Serif and Sans typography to create eye-catching effects and blend with the overall graphics.

As a web designer looking to follow web design trends – fill your arsenal with Display Serif typography.

White background (#FFFFFF)

It has been a common practice to use anything but a completely white background (#FFFFFF) on your website. Web designers love to use light grey or toned backgrounds to make the website look complete.

Nevertheless, the latest observations uncover that top web designers are starting to favor ascetic white layouts.

White background not only improves the indyred ratio but also allows easier content management. With more citizen developers joining the web design industry, a white background requires less graphical design skills to adjust the content to fit the overall design guidelines.


A good web design goes beyond nice-looking images and typography. It is more than a well-executed sitemap and optimized code. A good website is a set of tools, practices, and expertise that blend to create an excellent experience for your site visitors.

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