Best Practices in Secure WordPress Development

In our latest Pit Stop Talks episode from the ‘Race Against Threats’ series, we welcomed Milan Ivanovic, the Dev Team Lead at Thrive Themes, a part of Awesome Motive. This session focused on practical steps for improving WordPress security, from basic updates to advanced protection techniques.

We discussed the importance of keeping WordPress and its components up to date, a simple yet effective way to reduce security risks. Milan shared straightforward tips for enhancing security at the application level, making it easier for WordPress users to protect their sites.

The talk also covered how to secure the server hosting WordPress sites. Milan provided clear advice on server-level security measures, helping to minimize the chances of attacks.

Additionally, Milan talked about the importance of using secure coding practices when developing WordPress themes and plugins. He offered advice on how to follow coding standards that help in creating secure and reliable code.

This episode is packed with useful information for anyone looking to improve their WordPress site’s security. Whether you’re a developer, a website owner, or just interested in keeping your WordPress site safe, this talk has valuable insights for you.

If you missed the live session, you can still catch up. Watch the full episode now and start applying these tips to make your WordPress site more secure.