Build a community before launching

We are thrilled to announce that Alexander Gilmanov, the Founder and CEO of WPAmelia, wpDataTables, and Trafft | TMS, joined us for the twelfth episode of Pit Stop Talks. This episode, is titled “Build a Community Before Launching,”. It promises to be an invaluable session for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts alike.

Episode Overview: Join us as Alexander shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting from the inception of wpDataTables, a powerful plugin that makes handling data easier within WordPress, to the creation of WPAmelia, an innovative booking system for WordPress. He will also delve into the development of his latest SaaS product, Trafft, designed to streamline business operations for service-based industries.

Throughout the episode, Alexander will reveal the thought process behind naming his products and the strategic decisions involved in their development. This talk will be packed with insights on transforming ideas into successful businesses and the importance of community building in the startup ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

  • The Evolution of an Idea: Learn about the progression from wpDataTables to WPAmelia and how each product led to the next.
  • Behind the Names: Discover the creative and strategic considerations in naming tech products.
  • From Launch to Growth: Alexander will share his approach to building robust products that cater to the specific needs of their users.
  • Advice for Startups: “Build a Community Before Launching” – Understand why Alexander stresses the importance of this approach for all startups.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a developer, or simply intrigued by the startup world, this episode will provide you with a plethora of actionable insights and inspirations. Alexander’s advice could be the catalyst you need to take your startup idea from concept to reality.