Performance in WordPress 6.5

Check out our latest episode of Pit Stop Talks in the “Optimization Speedway” series, now available! We’ve discussed the new speed features coming with WordPress 6.5. Sabrina Zeidan, a leading expert in performance optimization, joined us to offer her insights on optimizing WordPress for better speed and efficiency.

This episode covers the Interactivity API, Fonts, and other updates in WordPress 6.5. Performance optimization is crucial for improving website load times and efficiency, which enhances user experience and search engine rankings. With WordPress 6.5’s release, understanding how to apply these updates effectively is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Sabrina Zeidan shared her advice on making the most of these new features.

If you’re interested in making your WordPress site faster and more efficient, or simply want to keep up with WordPress advancements, this episode is for you. Watch now to improve your WordPress skills with expert tips from one of the top specialists in performance optimization.