Increased page speed: Breathzone case study

This case study delves into the remarkable journey of Breathzone, a client dissatisfied with their existing hosting service, as they migrated to Indystack’s cutting-edge platform. By leveraging the power of ManageWP for a seamless migration process, Breathzone achieved significant improvements in website performance and structure while optimizing costs. Let’s explore the challenges they faced, the strategies they implemented, and the outstanding outcomes that ensued.

Breathzone’s requirements and challenges

Breathzone’s dissatisfaction with their previous hosting service pushed them to seek enhanced website performance and structure. They desired a hassle-free migration process within a tight timeframe, all while aiming to optimize costs.

Migration strategy

Breathzone chose ManageWP as their migration tool of choice due to its reliable features and benefits. With ManageWP, they seamlessly migrated their website to Indystack in just 15 minutes. As an added bonus, they used the coupon code INDYSTACK at ManageWP checkout, receiving $10 in their ManageWP valet, covering the cost of migrating 25 sites to Indystack.

Performance and structural improvements

Before Migration

After Migration

Before the migration, Breathzone’s website struggled with subpar GTMetrix scores of 69% for performance and 84% for structure. A thorough analysis revealed various factors contributing to the poor performance and structure. Through the implementation of optimization techniques, Breathzone achieved remarkable results. The subsequent GTMetrix evaluation yielded impressive scores of 99% for performance and 94% for structure.

Cost savings and optimization

Breathzone’s migration to Indystack brought about substantial cost savings. This optimization not only improved their website’s performance but also positively impacted their budget.

Customer satisfaction and user experience

Breathzone’s improved website performance led to enhanced customer satisfaction. The faster loading times and improved structure resulted in a superior user experience, positively impacting engagement, reducing bounce rates, and potentially increasing conversions.

Lessons learned and future considerations

Throughout the migration process, Breathzone learned valuable lessons. Regular website maintenance and optimization emerged as critical factors in maintaining peak performance. They also identified areas for future improvements and expansion, allowing them to continuously enhance their online presence.


Breathzone’s migration from a competitor’s hosting service to Indystack proved to be a resounding success. Through the seamless process facilitated by ManageWP, they achieved significant improvements in website performance and structure. Furthermore, their cost optimization objectives were met, leading to increased satisfaction. This case study serves as a testament to the power of migration, optimization, and the positive impact they can have on achieving website objectives.