Optimizing costs and enhancing performance: MYVA360 case study

In this case study, we delve into the successful migration of three websites belonging to MYVA360, a prominent platform for hiring virtual assistants. The primary objectives of the migration were to reduce costs and enhance overall website performance. To achieve these goals, Indystack managed WordPress hosting implemented Docker, Kubernetes, and LiteSpeed web servers, resulting in significant improvements.

Client background

MYVA360 is a leading online platform that connects individuals and businesses with virtual assistants for a wide range of tasks. As the platform experienced rapid growth, it faced the challenge of maintaining performance levels while controlling hosting costs.

Challenges faced

MYVA360’s primary concerns were twofold: high hosting costs and suboptimal website performance. With an increasing user base and growing traffic, the platform needed a scalable and cost-effective solution that could accommodate the surge in demand without compromising performance.

Solution implemented

The managed WordPress hosting provider devised a comprehensive solution that leveraged Docker and Kubernetes with LiteSpeed web servers. This combination enabled efficient containerization and orchestration, allowing for streamlined management of the hosting environment.

Migration process

The migration process involved the following key steps which are completely automatized on Indystack hosting:

  • Analyzing the existing infrastructure and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Creating Docker containers for each website to enhance scalability and portability.
  • Implementing Kubernetes to manage and orchestrate the containers, enabling effortless scalability and fault tolerance.
  • Deploying LiteSpeed web servers to boost website performance, delivering faster response times and improved page load speeds.
  • Migrating the site from the competitor by using ManageWP.

Cost optimization

By migrating MYVA360’s three websites to the new infrastructure, the hosting provider achieved significant cost savings. The utilization of Docker and Kubernetes allowed for efficient resource allocation, eliminating the need for overprovisioning. As a result, the client’s hosting costs were reduced from $78 per month to $39, effectively halving their expenditure.

Performance enhancement

Before Migration:

After Migration:

The migration to LiteSpeed web servers and the utilization of Docker and Kubernetes for containerization and orchestration resulted in notable performance improvements for MYVA360’s websites. The optimized infrastructure delivered enhanced scalability, fault tolerance, and load-balancing capabilities. Consequently, website response times improved, leading to a more seamless user experience.

Results and benefits

The successful migration brought several key benefits to MYVA360:

  • Reduced hosting costs by 50%, resulting in substantial savings for the client.
  • Improved website performance, leading to an enhanced user experience and increased user engagement.
  • A scalable infrastructure capable of efficiently handling growing traffic and user demands.
  • A fault-tolerant architecture ensuring high availability and minimal downtime.


By strategically implementing Docker, Kubernetes, and LiteSpeed web servers with a single click, Indystack managed WordPress hosting achieved the cost optimization and performance enhancement goals for MYVA360. The successful migration resulted in a 50% reduction in hosting costs and significantly improved website performance. This case study showcases the effectiveness of leveraging modern technologies to address evolving client needs while maximizing value.